My Mini Radical Dictionary

My Mini Radical Dictionary


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Author:Da Shiping
ISBN: 9787561913666
Page Count: 38
Pub Date:2004-10

This book has listed 122 frequently used Chinese character radicals, most accompanied by pictures illustrating the key meanings of them. These radicals are classified into four categories by their meanings. You can fill in each blank with a new word that you have learned according to the radical. Your do-it-yourself mini radical dictionary compilation is not only a record of your unique Chinese learning process but a better and faster way to understand Chinese characters.

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  1. Hi Thank you so much for sharing many mandarin learning pdf :). It really helpful. May I know the new link of this book because I can download it. The link maybe broken. Thank you for your help :)

    1. This link's still working fine. Could you give me more details about that.

  2. Hi I couldn't find the password for the above book.

  3. :D the last 12 characters of the file name!

  4. 12 character doesn't work for password, can u send its pass? thanks


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