I Really Want to Find Her

I Really Want to Find Her


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作者: 刘月华
出版社: 北京大学
出版年: 2007-11
页数: 57
定价: 15.00元
ISBN: 9787301079058
Sách 我一定要找到她 (Tôi nhất định tìm thấy em) nằm trong loạt sách Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series (《汉语风》中文分级系列读物第1级300词级)
She is really beautiful. Just one look at her photo and three guys, Dai-wei, Jie-fu, and Qiu-tian, are all determined to find her! The photo was given to them by their professor before he died and nobody knows where in China the girl is. How can the guys find her? And what happens when they finally see her?

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