Practicing HSK Grammar (for HSK elementary - intermediate examinees)

Practicing HSK Grammar (for HSK elementary - intermediate examinees)


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This book explains such grammatical items as Quantifier, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Auxiliary Word, Optative Verb, Reduplication, Common Sentence Structures, Complement, Connective, Complex Sentence and Word Order. Simple language, concise formulas and sample sentences are used to explain the confusing and difficult points encountered by foreign students during their study. As for the different grammatical items, there are plenty of related exercises for the students to practice. There are also very detailed answers to the exercises, which enable the students to not only "know the hows", but also "know the whys", thus considerably improve their learning efficiency.
This book can be used not only by foreign students who have elementary or intermediate level of Chinese in preparation for the exam, but also as a reference book for daily 1earning and self-study.

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