Dec 3, 2017

Meeting in China - Practical Chinese: Reading & Writing vol.1 with 1CD

Volume 1 of Meeting in China – Practical Chinese: Reading and Writing aims at developing the beginning learners'reading and writing competence in Chinese. The reading skills consist of learning to read Chinese characters, words and phrases, sentences and paragraphs. The part of writing skill focuses on developing the learners'competence to write Chinese characters. It has altogether 15 lessons each of which has parts like text, new words, analysis of the character structures, exercises, etc. Each lesson has two texts in natural, practical and interesting language, and enough practice of reading. Considering the difficulty the learners have in writing Chinese characters, the book adopts the component teaching method by segmenting the character into components, which facilitates the learners'memorization of character components and mastery of the structuring rules of Chinese characters.
This book can be used together with the other component books in the same series, or used independently. A free recording CD is accompanied.

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