HSK (chuzhongdeng) yingshi zhidao

HSK (chuzhongdeng) yingshi zhidao


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HSK is short for "Chinese Proficiency Test". It is an authoritative test to measure the Chinese proficiency of non-native speakers of Chinese (including foreigners, overseas Chinese, etc.). It is a worldwide, national and standardized exam. As China's position in the world has been rising day by day, Chinese has gradually become a powerful language in today's world. Learn Chinese, understand China as a world trend. Accompanying this is the impact of HSK exams increasing day by day, more and more participants. It can be asserted: Over time, HSK must be an authoritative exam with a wide range of influence, as well as TOEFL and IELTS.
This book is designed to help those who prepare HSK pass the exam, so focus on the content and form of examination and induction. It is suitable for those Chinese learners with elementary and intermediate Chinese proficiency, that is learners who have received 400-2000 hours of formal Chinese formal education (including their equivalent). For those candidates who are interested in obtaining a HSK Junior High School diploma, this book can be an effective self-learning tool for their preparation for HSK Junior High School examinations.
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