Dec 13, 2017

Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Advanced Listening Course I Exercises and Activities

The Advanced Listening Course (I), with altogether 30 lessons, is suitable for learners who have mastered 3,500-4,000 common Chinese words and acquired intermediate Chinese listening skills. The texts in it encompass a wide range of topics and are practical in content. Integrated with a task-based teaching concept, the exercises are variously and scientifically designed, with attention paid to the combination of listening and speaking. Having finished this textbook, the learners’ will make great progress in listening and comprehending advanced level Chinese.

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Ad cho mình hỏi quyển này có audio không?

Hello! How I can download this book? I visited your web-page but I cant find exactly this book? I need this book pdf, how I can buy it?

Hi, new ebook updated here

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