Boya Chinese Pre-intermediate Speed Up II (MP3 CD)

Boya Chinese Pre-intermediate Speed Up II (MP3 CD)


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Boya Chinese /Boya hanyu / Boya Chinese: Semi-Intermediate Speed-up - Volume 2 /Boya hanyu: zhunzhongji jiasu pian 2
Li, Xiaoqi, Qian, Xujing
ISBN 10: 7301078625 / ISBN 13: 9787301078624
This level is compatible with HSK level 7-8. The advanced level is for students who master more than 5,000 words. The advanced level has three volumes and contains about 8,000-word vocabulary and focuses on identifying synonyms, explaining common sentence patterns and difficult words. There are ample exercises and interesting readings after each lesson. Finishing this level enables the students to pass HSK level 11 tests.

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