Nov 27, 2017

Startup Business Chinese, Level 2 Textbook & Workbook:An Intermediate Course for Professionals (English and Chinese Edition) (Chinese) 1st edition Edition

Picking up where Level 1 leaves off, Startup Business Chinese Level 2 is the perfect text for business students, post-college language students as well as those participating in professional programs or language training in corporate programs.
Designed for learners with the equivalent of one year of Chinese study, the course emphasizes communicating in a business environment, tailoring grammar and sentence pattern coverage, vocabulary, and cultural topics to that end. Level 2 includes twelve lessons, featuring objectives, dialogues, vocabulary lists, grammar exercises, and cultural points. Appendixes provide English translations of all dialogues, supplementary listening comprehension dialogues, a chart of Chinese business titles, and a master index of vocabulary for the series.

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