Nov 27, 2017

Startup Business Chinese: An Introductory Course for Professionals, Level 1 (English and Chinese Edition)

The Startup Business Chinese, Level 1 textbook comprises 12 units covering basic daily corporate interactions and business-related social exchanges.

Each unit starts with a brief introduction describing the setting and learning objectives for that chapter, then moves on to two situational dialogues, two vocabulary lists, and a sentence pattern and grammar section. All the dialogues, grammar, and vocabulary are designed for beginners, and emphasize business communication: negotiating, socializing, and establishing and maintaining good relationships. Beyond language acquisition, each lesson provides students with extensive cultural points to help navigate cultural differences in business and daily life. Level 1 covers over 600 vocabulary words.

The textbook includes one WMA audio CD containing over 290 minutes of listening material. The recordings feature native Chinese speakers reciting dialogues, vocabulary words, and example sentences from the textbook.

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