Diary of a Chinese Language Teacher

Diary of a Chinese Language Teacher


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An attentive teacher of Chinese learning for foreigners recorded the fun stories and students’ homework in his teaching and published with the title Diary of a Chinese Language Teacher.

According to Liu Zhigang, this book is about the funny stories of 17 students in their Chinese learning, consisting of the fresh language materials and student’s writing materials. There are funny stories inside and outside the classroom, students’ whimsical thinking and questions, students’ excellent works and the recollection of the interaction between him and the students. He said, “I hope this book can open a door for Chinese readers to walk into the wonderful Chinese language world.

In people’s perception, it is very easy to teach foreigners to learn Chinese language, so that every Chinese people can do it. But the fact is not so. Liu said, teaching Chinese to foreigners requires the theoretical basis of modern Chinese grammar, and in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture, because the foreigners will ask many questions that are not supposed to. Eight years teaching experience endow Liu with happiness, affection and knowledge. He explained that the knowledge is not that from textbook, but a rethinking of our language and culture from another view through getting along with foreign students.
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