Application: Intermediate Chinese: Reading and Writing (Chinese Edition)

Application: Intermediate Chinese: Reading and Writing (Chinese Edition)


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This series of textbooks is designed for short-term students of Chinese, both in China and abroad. It addresses three levels of study---fundamental, intermediate and advanced. Each level has a listening and speaking book and a reading and writing book. These six books are connected through topics, themes and vocabulary of increasing levels of difficulty, and thus are linked as a whole, giving students a full range of training. This book is the main textbook for the intermediate level. The book contains humorous and highly-readable short passages as the main texts. These run from 200 characters to about 600, and cover daily family life and social issues. Each text begins with the discussion of a topic, before progressing to a more intense reading of the text and the learning of relevant language points. Finally, grammar and vocabulary exercises help to reinforce the knowledge just learned.
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