Use Tomorrow's Money to Fulfil Today's Dream

Use Tomorrow's Money to Fulfil Today's Dream


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Usage Advice: Read after class, self-study
Level: Intermediate
This book is in the Chinese Reading for Practical Purposes: Step by Step series. It belongs to Reading Level-3. It can be used for learners in HSK Level 6 ~ 8 or those who have learned 3,000 Chinese characters or have studied Chinese for more than one year to read after class or study on their own.

Content: "I know too little vocabulary, I certainly can not read textbooks other than Chinese text!" "Chinese characters too difficult to read Chinese articles, simply can not!" Hey, friends! How long have you been learning Chinese? Do you have any of the above ideas? Is not occasionally lost confidence?
Yes, Chinese characters are too difficult, too many words, want to understand China, want to see interesting stories written in Chinese, but in addition to the hands of the textbooks, where to find a suitable book?

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