Mar 4, 2017

Developmental Chinese: Advanced Chinese Speaking 1

"Advanced Chinese Spoken" (upper and lower) can be divided into two semesters, 6 hours per week. Each lesson consists of five modules, divided into five modules, including discussion, survey interviews, reviews, lectures and debates, each of which concentrates on the corresponding communication and presentation skills. There is also a spare unit for reference. The theme of the course focuses on the characteristics of humanities, combined with the reality of long-term trainees, and selects the topics of humanities and social sciences, including culture, environment, science and technology, population, law, economy, politics, literature and so on. Professional learning to lay a solid foundation. The choice is not limited to China, not limited to a certain point of view, usually given two diametrically opposed views, some obviously is untenable, or even absurd, as is to stimulate students' desire to express. The essay not only pays attention to the traditional Chinese culture, but also points out some topics with humanistic synaesthesia, try to avoid preaching, avoid people input some kind of view, but in expression, pay attention to let students form their own point of view, Teachers can guide, you can also participate in the exchange.

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