Chinese Spoken Language

Chinese Spoken Language


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This book was originally written by the author in the Chinese Department of Chinese language classes
Handouts. Because in the lead students engaged in internships and graduates follow-up investigation work,
Finding excellent Chinese oral expression skills is essential for a secondary school language teacher
The quality, and thus in the leadership and comrades of the help, support, first in Chinese
Opened this elective course. Students who come to attend the class are very enthusiastic and do not
Less of the other department of the students also read the fiber, which gave me great encouragement. For understanding
The textbook problem, I asked the letter to ask a few publishers, Shanxi Education Press immediately
Gave me a warm reply and urged me to write the handwriting.
At the time of publication of this book, I would like to move to the experts who are engaged in this research
The scholar expressed his heartfelt thanks, because I was drawing on your research results
To make this book, and earnestly hope that scholars and readers of this book made valuable
Of the amendment.
At the time of the completion of the manuscript, the division of Jinan Teachers' College and vocational college was renamed as the economy
South University, would like to use this book to the new school gift.

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