An Analysis of Common Words in Ancient Chinese

An Analysis of Common Words in Ancient Chinese


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"Ancient Chinese Dictionary" is the first after the founding of new China with modern linguistics and dictionaries point of view, the preparation of the ancient Chinese authority dictionary. Since most writers are both famous linguists and teachers from the first line of teaching in ancient Chinese, the dictionary is in line with the needs of ancient Chinese learners.
It is the interpretation of the authority, the correct pronunciation, examples of fine, difficult to understand the sentence with annotations and string, with "attention" and "analysis" and so on to remind the characters to distinguish.
This dictionary has been specially written by experts and scholars who have been engaged in ancient Chinese teaching and dictionary compilation for many years. Collection of Chinese words and polysyllabic words more than 12,500 articles. Good words, accurate interpretation, examples of rich, practical and universal both.
This dictionary is a necessary tool for students to learn ancient Chinese, read ancient poems and pro forma, and also teachers and ordinary readers to learn ancient Chinese and read ancient books mentor.

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