Feb 20, 2017

Research and Information Work Foundation

The research is an important means for the secretary to deal with the information comprehensively. The information work is the work of the information and for the purpose of playing its usefulness. It is the basis and basis for the decision-making and all administrative work. It is also the main content of the secretary's work. Therefore, both the leader and the secretary of the staff, as a means of access to information research and research work, as well as information processing and use of information work, have given a high degree of attention. As a modern secretary, firmly grasp the basic theory and basic skills of research and information work, and can be used in the practical work of the flexible use of its work to ease, handy.
This book is one of the modern secretary series of teaching materials. The functions, functions and types of information; the procedures and methods and methods of the investigation; the acquisition and collation of the information; the characteristics and functions of the information, the characteristics and the relationship between the two, With the storage, transmission and feedback, the preparation of results; research and information management and other aspects of the basic theory and knowledge.
This book pays special attention to the investigation and research work of the secretary, introduces the relevant cases, makes the structure reasonable, the content is rich and rich, the discourse is easy to explain, and the explanation is fluent and smooth, and the theoretical connotation is expressed by illustrations.
This book by the Tangshan Institute of Du Jun, Li Yufu and Harbin Institute of Li Baohua three comrades co-edited. Comrade Du Jun drafted the outline of the book, and with Li Baohua, Li Yufu two comrades repeated consultations to amend, and finally finalized.
23MB | PDF | Pan(Baidu)

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