Vocabulary and Metaphor Studies

Vocabulary and Metaphor Studies


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This book analyzes the characteristics and principles of vocabulary metaphor comprehension, the cultural and linguistic factors that influence metaphor comprehension, and then explains the different strategies of metaphor translation depending on the specific situation. Understanding the metaphor in a language is like opening a window to another culture to better understand the culture and thinking embodied in the language. Translation is the bridge of cultural exchange. However, in the practice of metaphor translation, different translation strategies should be used according to the specific context and purpose, so as to achieve the most effective communicative effect.
This monograph focuses on examples, on the combination of cases, and strive to have practical help to the reader. The book is the most important feature set of knowledge, fun and practicality as a whole. Knowledge embodies the social and cultural phenomena of English-speaking countries through the study of titles, figures, animals and plants, discourses, characters, country names, new words, human words, diet, vision and a large number of words with cultural connotations. Characteristics and so a lot of knowledge; interesting comes from the differences between Chinese and English culture, that is, China and the United States and Australia national culture, the strong contrast generated by the fun; practical performance in the vocabulary are mostly English learners, researchers are familiar with Commonly used words, including proper nouns, idioms, idioms, idioms, metaphors, metonymy, new words and so on. Therefore, the monograph is convenient for readers to learn the language while learning culture, can achieve the purpose of double-edged sword. This book is intended for students who are learning Chinese and English, teaching English as well as teaching Chinese as a foreign language, as well as language researchers, translators, foreign workers and other people who are interested in learning Chinese and English. Readers can draw from the book nutrition, so that language, culture and translation level simultaneously increased.

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