Practical Chinesse Vocabulary and Grammer for Foreigner Students

Practical Chinesse Vocabulary and Grammer for Foreigner Students


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Author: Zhu Chengqi;
Language: Chinese
Page: 420
Publication Date: 10/2013
ISBN: 7566308467, 9787566308467
Publisher: The University of International Bussiess & Economic Press
This book is basically a speech style, divided into three forty-eight stresses. Zhu Chengji's "Practical Chinese Vocabulary and Grammar for Foreign Students" focuses on practicality. Therefore, it is not systematic in its content, and it does not rigidly adhere to a certain form in the system. This is largely a lecture structure. This book is for foreign students to learn Chinese and write, close to the actual teaching of Chinese as a foreign language, for foreigners to learn Chinese easy to focus on the problem, and design a large number of exercises to help learners grasp the points. This book analyzes the Chinese language from vocabulary and grammar, providing a large number of vivid and fresh examples of the language, the reader can not only learn from the language knowledge, Han can enlighten the rich connotation of Chinese culture.

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