Nov 10, 2016

Essential Grammar on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

The Core Grammar for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language is the result of many years of classroom practice. For senior Chinese learners, there are eight chapters with exercises and reference answers. "Core grammar of teaching Chinese as a foreign language" try to absorb the latest research results, highlighting the expression and text, the grammatical knowledge and language use well together; as simple as possible to express language, try to reveal the main grammatical phenomenon, It emphasizes the characteristics and difficulties of learning Chinese by Chinese learners, selects the key points from the perspective of the learners, but emphasizes the system. The focus and problems of learning Chinese are included as far as possible so that teachers and students can find the answers to difficult questions, Solve the teaching and learning in the practical problems encountered. "Core grammar of teaching Chinese as a foreign language" also prepared exercises, questions with HSK standards.

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