English-Chinese - Chinese-English Interpretation for International Business

English-Chinese - Chinese-English Interpretation for International Business


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This book recommends that students who study international business interpretation need a certain level of translation. Because interpreters and translators have many similarities, interpreters have their own characteristics, that translators must be done in a timely manner, independent of a one-time translation, so the interpreter in the translation site, not enough time to scrutiny, It is not possible to turn to others or access dictionaries and other information. This requires business interpreters in addition to international business knowledge, but also a solid basic language skills and better Chinese and English language skills, as well as flexible and rapid response capabilities. At the same time, the book also recommends that students and self-educated people to care about domestic and international political and economic events, to understand the new trends in international business activities, in particular new policies and new laws and regulations, and continuously enrich and enrich the relevant knowledge and English-Chinese translation ability.
The textbooks pay attention to business topics and interpretation skills to integrate, content coherence, selection of new, full examples, highlighting the practical, operational characteristics. This book is divided into twelve chapters, each chapter consists of interpreting skills, listening translation practice, depending on the translation practice, chapter interpretation, on-site interpretation, simulation interpretation, business scenarios related sentence, cultural salon, supplementary exercises and other components. This book can be used as the book, college students of the textbooks, but also as a certain level of English students, as well as professionals in the field of business professionals in the self-study books.
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