Court Interpreting

Court Interpreting


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"Court Interpreting" is a non-country-specific judicial system, and therefore applicable to any country, any language interpreter translation training materials. This book describes the working conditions and working methods of interpreters in court and other legal contexts. The book interprets the importance of court interpretation, the nature of legal language, bilingual courts and justice, the role of forensic interpreters, the training of forensic interpreters, the skills of court interpreters, the interpretation of forensic interpretation, the interpretation of the court interpreter bill, Court interpretation challenges and the future. At the same time, "Court Interpretation" also provides readers with a career road map, supplemented by highly operational methods and techniques, can help the interpreter to complete the task of interpreting the court accurately.
     It can be used as a foundation course book, as a forensic interpreter for court interpreters and forensic officials dealing with court interpretation services, especially as an elective course for interpreting electives in the Masters of Translation (M7I).

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