Nov 12, 2016


"Chinese-English and English-Chinese coating coating classification vocabulary" collected the paint production and application of the whole process more than 6000 professional vocabulary, divided into finished coatings, film-forming substances, auxiliary film material, color and color performance terms, coating and coating , Six parts of equipment. For the paint industry-related staff and chemistry students.
Coatings intersect multiple disciplines. "Chinese-English and English-Chinese coating coating classification vocabulary" also collected a number of other related coatings related vocabulary, including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry, pigment science, optics, interfacial chemistry, analytical chemistry and engineering acceptance and other disciplines Professional word. The process of reference to the United States paint standards, related English publications, chemical technology dictionary and import and export of professional English vocabulary. Such as ASTM D5324-03 "Waterborne Architectural Coatings Guidelines", ASTM 2336-99 "Guidelines for Factory Coating of Wood Coatings". Also referred to the recent Coatings World and domestic and foreign paint raw materials and equipment supplier product list. The comrades who participated in the compilation of "Chinese-English-English-English-English Paint Painting Classification Vocabulary" included Liu Hongping, Liu Zhen, Guan Youjun, Su Jingfu, Du Fangyan, Li Wenjuan, Song Xiaoping, Chen Peihu and Han Mei (ranked with the surname stroke order) Coating industry line of scientific research and production of technical personnel, included in the practical and reliable vocabulary.

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