Analysis of Teaching Chinese Function Words

Analysis of Teaching Chinese Function Words


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The study of domestic linguistics is combined with teaching Chinese as a foreign language. In recent years, most linguists have paid much attention to it. On the one hand, because the Chinese as a foreign language can be used to test the value of linguistic theory, on the other hand, because language teaching has linguistic theory requirements. In many disciplines, applied research directly or indirectly to promote the development of theoretical research.
What is the theory? Theory is the interpretation of the object of study. Linguistic theory is the interpretation of linguistic phenomena. Therefore, all theories should be concrete, should be able to be directly used to explain the specific object. That is to say the theory is able to solve the problem.
This book and other related words of the study the biggest difference is that the meaning and grammatical function of relatively close to the word comparison, study its rules of use, as the focus of research and breakthroughs. That is to say, the differences between the words are described by the comparison of the words in the sense of pairs, and their differences in the syntactic distribution are described, thus revealing their different syntactic use conditions.

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