An Advanced Course of Interpretation (4th Edition)

An Advanced Course of Interpretation (4th Edition)


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"An Advanced Course of Interpretation" to "Introduction to Interpretation" for the teaching of the pilot to "interpretation unit" for the teaching of the main "interpreting skills" as a teaching guide to "mock exam" as a means of inspection. "Interpretation Unit" is the core of interpretation teaching, and "Interpretation" and "interpretation skills" are focused. Of the three components of the tutorial, not only one and waste the rest.
    "Interpreting Introduction" briefly discusses the past and present, nature, characteristics, standards, processes, types of interpreters and the quality of interpreters. "Introduction to Interpretation" aims to help students from the theoretical point of view to understand the interpretation of this discipline, to answer "What is the interpretation", "how to conduct a standard interpretation", "qualified translators should have what conditions" and other issues. The Importance of Interpreting is that it conveys to students the ability to interpret a person's language in a way that is not exactly equivalent to his or her level of language and translation skills, but to the bilingual competence of the translator in modern social intercourse: Translation skills and human qualities of the comprehensive embodiment. The issues discussed in the Introduction to Interpreting should be the main focus of the first week of the teaching of interpreting.

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