Nov 23, 2016

A Dictionary of Chinese Idiomatic Expressions with English Translations

Chinese idioms, as an important part of the Chinese language, reflect the thinking and cognitive patterns of Chinese people, aesthetic taste and cultural connotation. With the development of social civilization and the development of science, the phenomenon of idioms has gradually entered the field of vision of a variety of academic fields, attention, many practical applications and cross-cultural communication has been quite necessary to provide such specialized dictionaries to provide information and access to the solution convenient. This dictionary is a Chinese-English dictionary designed to introduce the use and translation of Chinese idioms in specialized languages. The main features are: more than 6,400 commonly used Chinese idioms included; Interpretation to seek to meet the meaning of Chinese, try to keep the feelings of the Chinese language, while in line with the English habit; examples typical, rich, translations from the classic literary works published at home and abroad Of the English translation; suitable for Chinese-English translators and Chinese learners.

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