Oct 28, 2016

Teaching Foreigners Practical Chinese Grammer

Author: Lu Fubo;
Language: Chinese
Format: PDF
Page: 464
Publication Date: 05/2011
ISBN: 9787561930250

Teaching Foreigners Practical Chinese Grammer (Revised Edition) can be used as a Chinese grammar textbook and reference book for foreign students who have studied Chinese for at least one year or HSK level 4 or above. Teaching Chinese as a Second Language to Foreigners, A Guidebook for Undergraduates and Postgraduates of.

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Tina hao,
I need new link for this book
and by the way i find the book with title Interactive chinese,
May I also have a link for complete book and CD's
please help, xiexie!

New link
链接:http://share.weiyun.com/c71ff8febe2339a792ef4b2fb58d75fc (密码:Zq22jw)

Hi, new link isn't working . Please help

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