Jul 6, 2016

Chinese Intensive Reading Course Level 3 (Vol. 1)

Chinese Intensive Reading Course Level 3 teaches students reading skills using articles about daily life in contemporary China, vocabulary lists, grammar points, exercises, and more. In depth grammar explanations and a wide variety of exercises based on articles and grammar help students to gain reading skills gradually and fundamentally. In simplified Chinese characters and pinyin. Vocabulary is in English. Each book comes with an audio CD. Vol. 2 is not yet available.

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New link : http://www.fshare.vn/file/NKOENSR68E2S
May be die soon!

Tina hao,
qing wen, er nian ji shang he yi nian ji shang yu xia de shu you ma?
qiu nin fen xi
xie xie

Ni hao!
yi nianji shang you, qita de zhanshi meiyou!

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Tina Hao,
Chinese intensive reading Course Level 1 (vol 1) wo chang da kai le. Link is dead.

keyi cai upload ma ?
xie xie

Could you upload the new download link please?

Hello ^^ thank you for the share, but this is not 三年级上册,it's 二年级下册

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