Southeast Asian History and Culture

Southeast Asian History and Culture


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Văn hóa và lịch sử các nước Đông Nam Á
"Guangxi Universities" ASEAN "materials: Southeast Asian countries history and culture" as a clue to the type of culture, the Southeast Asian countries is divided as follows: the south pass Theravada Buddhist culture as the core countries of Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar; Islamic for the country to teach cultural mainstream culture in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei; Confucian culture is the mainstream culture of Vietnam and Singapore; Christian mainstream culture of the Philippines and East Timor. Textbook uses thin thick this ancient way, the history of the Southeast Asian countries, and the contemporary economic and social development, religious and cultural practices of States, respect the basic necessities of life and cultural customs, social etiquette and taboos of life for a detailed description.


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