Southeast Asia feudal : Slavery Social Structure and ancient oriental

Southeast Asia feudal : Slavery Social Structure and ancient oriental


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Đông Nam Á thời phong kiến - Cấu trúc chế độ nô lệ của xã hội Đông phương thời xưa
"Southeast Asia feudal: Slavery structure and Ancient Oriental Society" is divided into nine chapters, based on the detailed possession of material, the authors were ancient Vietnamese society, social Funan ancient Cambodian society, ancient society of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos ancient society ancient Malay Peninsula community, Indonesia and the Philippines in ancient societies Baron social cover were deep and detailed system analysis, pointed out that "a feudal slavery structure" of social development prevalent in ancient Southeast Asia objective historical reality. On this basis, the study authors compared the historical development of the ancient world and ancient oriental society was further pointed out that the ancient Orient after the original formation of social disintegration is not the "typical" slavery society, but the formation of a feudal system factors and factors concomitant slavery and feudalism led to "a feudal slavery structure" society, this is the so-called "Asian model." This conclusion is highly theoretical and academic value for the study to re-examine and study history and law of development of human society, the ancient Oriental provides a new idea, a new perspective.


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