Complete Book of Family Life Skills

Complete Book of Family Life Skills


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Kỹ năng thực hành cuộc sống gia đình
This book is very rich, involving issues purchase and home improvement, home appliances, daily necessities, transportation, clothing, food and cooking, pets, flowers, beauty and health care, tourism, health care, security, a total of twelve large area. For these everyday recurrent problem, the book does not just stay on to find out all the questions, but you propose specific solutions, the steps and precautions. Tips in the book, some simple, some clever and dumb and let you enjoy completely solve the difficulties of happiness.
On fun, this book writing lively, easy to understand, allowing you to read on the interest generated, this one; Second, in addition to telling you book solution to the problem, many areas are still a lot of good to you recommendations, and once you accept that you these suggestions, you may be surprised to find that "life can be so also."
In addition, taking into account your leisure time and perhaps not much, so the book also adds a host of targeted, easy to imitate, colorful, lively and humorous pictures, both to make up for the shortage of the text, and pleasant mood when you read.
This book is an era of practicality and strong family life encyclopedic book is a good friend of your family life. After reading this book, you will find that "life is actually on the way."


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