A Study on Chinese Verbs

A Study on Chinese Verbs


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Nghiên cứu phối hợp động từ tiếng Hoa
This book is aimed at practical discourse Chinese Verb valence complex situation, the concept of a single price points Into by the Union, entry position, with price-level element constructed to fully reflect the different verb in the sentence Various components of the nominal capacity of domination. In this valence-level control, analysis of modern Chinese About 1640 verbs (including 200 adjective) dominate at different levels of ability, while describing These verbs semantic roles of the various subordinate component; focuses on semantic grid components with a variety of different slave Coordinating the relationship between syntactic elements, and strive to reflect the different semantic grid system at the time of co-occurrence syntax and ccupy positions Heng relations, and conversion relationships and constraints different coordination between modes.
This book by studying coordination methods to reveal the subject, object and other syntactic elements with the agent, patient, etc.
The connection between the components of semantic rules, want to get formal semantic interpretation from the computer syntax, or from Generate syntactic form to provide direct and useful grammar rules on the semantic representation. Because of this coordination mode Is carried out under the description of verb valence level control, it is possible to computational linguistics and language letter Information processing core driven phrase structure grammar provide inspiring design ideas. And that Species in coordination as the core of Chinese Valency is a semantic grammar transparent, so she was able to build Li to express ideas as the core of Chinese Communicative syntax provides a solid theoretical foundation, so as a Foreign Language The cause of education make a real contribution. This book is suitable for teaching and research in linguistics, Chinese information processing, Chinese Foreign teaching, as well as in People learn the language of teaching reading and reference.

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