A Hand Book of Food and Drink

A Hand Book of Food and Drink


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An English-Chinese and Chinese-English collection of everyday expressions,A hand book of food and drink
In this era of knowledge economy tide rolling forward the development of clothing, food, housing, transportation, medical, health, tourism, entertainment and other items subject has increasingly become people's lives can not leave even for a moment, dense indivisible important component. In these areas, for the majority of our English learners, translators, admired Chinese culture, friendly people and youth international scholars who diligently practice the Chinese language, if they can have a large number of relevant Chinese and English vocabulary, you can "intimate knowledge", once the necessary briefing on various occasions or communicate with each other when there is neither a cause "stumped" the pain, but also have "both ways" in music, would not Yoshiya! For the above and in accordance with the requirements of the developing situation, we plan compiled this "translation_ common glossary", consists of six volumes, namely: "Clothing Volume", "food culture Volume", "Housing residential Volume "" public transport Volume "," tourism and entertainment Volume, "" health care Volume. " Volume because each have their own characteristics, it can have its own independence, but fascicles professional who comes to each other, can be linked to each other, complement each other. Booklets in the series a total of about 2.1 million words, the word received more than 300,000. Volume 350,000 each have their own word, the word received more than 50,000 pieces. "English - Chinese glossary of commonly used: food culture Volume" collected English and Chinese and English Words and Words more than 50,000 pieces. They include: beans, egg products, spices, confectionery, dairy products, food, canned food, pastries, fresh and dried fruit, wine, food, Chinese food, tea, vegetables, aquatic products, meat, game, beverages, nutritional supplements, etc. . Some English and Chinese alphabetical order, press the Chinese-English section classification, then Pinyin order


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