Jun 17, 2016

A Chinese-English New Words and Expressions (Abridged Version)

"Chinese - English New Words for fine (latest edition)," prepared with the following aspects distinct characteristics: first, practical. "Chinese - English New Words for fine (latest edition)," New Words of income in recent years, and provides a more standardized meaning and translation of a typical example. Terms are used in modern phonetic Pinyin, the popular interpretation concise, help readers learn more about Chinese society and culture, learn the authentic, popular Chinese, has strong applicability, "the Chinese-English New Words for fine (the latest version ) "basically meet the learning needs of readers, and many entries were not included in the general dictionary, is" the Chinese-English new words for fine (latest edition), "which only has high practicability and unique nature; second, informative, informative. "Chinese - English New Words for fine (latest edition)," a wide range of vocabulary, involves many disciplines of politics, economy, culture, military, diplomatic, social, medical, engineering and technology. Content-rich, readable; third, sought to reflect in a given period of Chinese New Words overview. "Chinese - English New Words for fine (latest edition)," Editors have long been engaged in English and Chinese Vocabulary and translation work, to grasp a large number of neologisms method, and have published a series of new words.


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