Contemporary Chinese: Textbook one (For Beginners)

Contemporary Chinese: Textbook one (For Beginners)


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This is a textbook designed for students whose native language is English. The ultimate goal of this book is to develop the student's ability to comprehend and communicate in the Chinese language. Specifically, it provides training in the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese. The whole series consists of a textbook, an exercise book, a character book and audio and video materials. The series has the following features: is concise, practical, and has real life applications; is adaptable to the varied needs of different students; gives equal attention to listening, speaking, reading, and writing; guides your learning step by step. After working through the series, you will have a good command of 758 Chinese words and expressions as well as 49 grammar items, and thus will have a basic command of Chinese.

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  1. Link này chỉ có file MP3 chứ không có file sách PDF bạn ạ :(

  2. Nếu như trong link tải về không có PDF nghĩa là chưa có, sẽ cập nhật sau nếu có bạn nhé


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