A Chinese-English / English-Chinese Dictionary of Apparel & Accessories Foreign Trade

A Chinese-English / English-Chinese Dictionary of Apparel & Accessories Foreign Trade


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This glossary is for garment workers learn English vocabulary or consult a professional tool. It is through the meaning of words by classification schedule, the meaning of related words collected together, so that readers can quickly access relevant headwords.     Some dictionary entry word when arranged in the order just letters or the alphabet to orchestrate. This arrangement of the method associated headword far apart, so that readers consult certain purpose, when a word can not quickly close inspection, related or similar word entry. This is a limitation of some of the traditional dictionary.     For professional clothing terms, it has organized more its necessity. Our historical, geographical and other reasons, the difference in terms of large Chinese clothing, for example, often regardless of "fold" and "tuck", "clothing" can also be called "clothes" or "clothes." If you follow the traditional dictionary Pinyin order to consult, perhaps through a number of Chinese Synonyms (because people do not know which is the most standard Chinese term), many of our professional and other terms are not completely intended for English terms. This is undoubtedly a very difficult. Now classified choreography to avoid difficulties on.     As to the Chinese-speaking readers may not need to distinguish precise meaning related to Chinese vocabulary, because it is tacit. But the reader has an urgent need to accurately distinguish between English vocabulary related significance. For example, in Chinese, people can be "broken fold" and "multi-line pleated broken" referred to as "shirring" despite their appearance and processing methods are completely different "fold." But in English, the two can not be referred to the pleats. If misused, will cause unnecessary trade or production losses, can be described as miss is as good sweeps clean. In this vocabulary, the significance of these related words are classified in the same category, so that readers can identify their similarities and differences. Chinese-English section

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