Apr 6, 2016

The Rough Guide Phrasebook Mandarin Chinese

Whether you want to reserve a hotel room, hire a bicycle or pay the restaurant bill, "The Rough Guide Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook" will help you all the way. The A-Z English to Mandarin and A-Z Mandarin to English translations will have you speaking the language even before you step off the plane. Practice your pronunciation with 16-pages of additional scenario material; available as downloadable audio files, the scenarios have been recorded by native Mandarin speakers and are compatible to either your computer or iPod. This thoroughly-revised third edition includes a detailed grammar section and a helpful menu and drinks list reader to ensure you always choose the right dish. With this phrasebook in your pocket you are sure to have a great trip!

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Tina hao,
may I have new link for this book
thank you

Hi, new link here
链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1jIkBYEa 密码: tn2q

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