Apr 5, 2016

Asia in Focus - China

Part of ABC-CLIO’s Asia in Focus series, this authoritative resource is designed to help a wide variety of readers understand the complexities of the worldÕs most populous country—a nation of ancient glory and rising importance, yet one that remains elusive and not generally well known.

Packed with recent scholarship and fascinating details, this concise, multifaceted volume offers an updated look at ChinaÕs geography and history, from the political and technological dominance of the imperial period to the communist revolution and the present state. The work also vividly captures the ÒlivingÓ China of today—its economy, politics, and culture—with extensive coverage of topics ranging from education, languages, arts, and cuisine to industrialization, gender issues, population control efforts, and human rights controversies that have impacted the country’s relationship to the global community.

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