Three Hundred Tang Poems (VCD 15789)

Three Hundred Tang Poems (VCD 15789)


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"Three Hundred Tang Poems (Children painting Edition)" Introduction: Tang is a wonderful work of literary history, and "Three Hundred Tang Poems" is the essence of this little wonderful application. From "Poetry 300", we not only feel the profound Chinese culture, but also from the poet's word discretionary sentence pour appreciate the virtues of the Chinese nation and the spirit.
"Three Hundred Tang Poems" Tang selected as the popular. The so-called "familiar with the Three Hundred Tang Poems, a poem will Yin, Tang dapper, ze delivered, catchy. Moreover, Tang is also very rich in content, not only it reflected the social life, or the poet's heart true portrayal chronological tastes, all ages. "Three Hundred Tang Poems (Children painting Edition)" for each poem are accompanied by exquisite illustrations, and poetry was popular, interesting commentary, help children better understand the content of poetry. I hope the children can edifying reading Tang, happy growth.

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