Mar 22, 2016

Thai basic courses 123 - Giáo trình tiếng Thái 123 (song ngữ)

Introduction: Thai (ภาษา ไทย), Thailand is the official language in Zhuang Dong language Daic ethnic Thai is an analytic language, different tones have to distinguish between the vocabulary and grammar of the role of the tutorial recording from Bangkok man remastered, standard. Bangkok accent points on the books, the book and the next book, each class has a corresponding MP3, can be copied to the MP3 / MP4 player. book to CHM format (audio electronic version of the book, is both audible), no other auxiliary software directly may be able to open the browser. this tutorial is easy to learn, graphics and appearance, especially suitable for beginners and entry-Thai. [new!] new divided on the book, the new is dynamic, very
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