Chinese Ancient History (12)

Chinese Ancient History (12)


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"University of the Republic Series: Chinese ancient history," he said: "China to teach, Confucius was then established; Zheng of China, Qin was twice; throughout China, the Emperor was then given the reason for all three-Chinese Chinese also. . "this is an unfinished" masterpiece. " Referred to the Sui Dynasty, the author died. It had to be reprinted "Chinese History" was renamed "Chinese Ancient History."
"University of the Republic Series: History of Ancient China" is recognized as "China's first famous modern Chinese history." Western book "evolution" of the view, a comprehensive sort of Chinese historical development, phase characteristics. "Chinese history" is no longer just a simple dynastic history and imperial history, a change for the gradual evolution of society, "the whole history" ......
Cut in the material taken, "the University of the Republic Series: History of Ancient China" round-denominated history as a master copy, and edit usurp other ancient books. Where the use of reference books, all indicate the source, to facilitate students to find. Make clear and concise narrative, do not attach importance to the role of the summer had Youte drawings and tables.

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