A Field Guide to the Birds of China

A Field Guide to the Birds of China


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This book describes 1329 kinds of birds, each with color drawings and maps, and the other describes the hundreds of subspecies. Each profile shows the distribution of birds in China and neighboring countries and regions, Jaap, winter climate and residence period.
Introduction text book provides a very helpful background knowledge and information, including China and the conservation status of birds, and introduced China's important bird watching location and time. Appendix also provides a list of Chinese and protection of endangered species, bird species unique to China and China Association of birds.
Awareness of Chinese birds still owes one of the reasons is the lack of a complete field guide for the region that until recently, Chinese ornithologists just rely on keys, black and white sketch directory and at work, still no a complete system based on modern taxonomy, along with full-color graphs field Manual. Under this handbook is an attempt to fill this gap, and in both, and English languages were published.

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