100.000 How to do (Chinese)

100.000 How to do (Chinese)


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"Pygmalion effect" tells of a Greek god Yi Wang Zaishan in sculpture, he carved a few friends, and deeply love the statue of Eros true sense of sincere emotion, to give the statue to life, so They married. This story illustrates what? Art is the highest realm of the human spirit civilization. Chinese civilization five level military history, all through the "culture" of this proposition, it is material and spiritual civilization development has played a role in fueling. Culture and Arts aims to develop children's culture volume Artistic accomplishment, and strive guidelines children in the vast world of arts and culture inside strong growth. Culture chapter introduces the philosophy, history, Zongyi beliefs, heroes, folk customs, and strive to make you understand Shenhua profound national culture and brilliant. Shen Chi Mei school art piece knowledge, appreciation of literature, art, music, dance, drama, opera and other inside the kiln, focuses on training children's friends, literary creativity, raise the level of literary appreciation is undoubtedly self-learning - a shortcut.

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