Oct 26, 2015

Prepare for HSK (Advanced) in 21 Days Grammar Test


FLTRP New HSK Class Series is a comprehensive set of exam training materials targeting the studentslistening, speaking, reading and writing skills. This series is closely linked to the new HSK curriculum and covers all the focal points of the new HSK exam. This series helps students to easily achieve high grades through intensive training.

"FLTRP · New HSK classroom series: 21 days to conquer the new HSK Advanced Grammar" is set to train students listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as a comprehensive examination materials, including the "21 days to conquer the new HSK tutorial", "New HSK special breakthrough, "" New HSK vocabulary breakthrough "and" New HSK HSK completely true imitate examination questions "(with papers and papers explain) four sub-series. "FLTRP · New HSK classroom series: 21 days to conquer the new HSK Advanced Grammar" and questions closely linked to the new HSK outline, covers all the new HSK test center test, explain easy to understand, so that students can learn fun, easy ride. "FLTRP · New HSK classroom series: 21 days to conquer the new HSK Advanced Grammar" has the following characteristics: reproducing classroom scene - opened the book, is like entering a vivid classroom, the teacher standing in front of you and tell you how should learn; Chinese thinking a workout when you unconsciously learn to use Chinese thinking, you will find that the seemingly boring grammar is very interesting; professional counseling, smart learning - professional teachers help you plan time to develop Chinese EQ, you will find Chinese not difficult at all; the shortest possible time, the best results - to follow the rhythm of the teacher to learn, you need only 21 days, you can easily master the new HSK grammar, get new HSK score. Instructions Week 1 Monday results complement prepositional complement Keqianyuxi reference results tend to complement complement; complement of preposition; directional complement. Knowledge new HSK test learning points tend to complement simulation questions Tuesday extended usage Keqianyuxi reference verb + up; verb + up; verb / adjective + down; verb / adjective + down; verb + out; verb + out; verb / adjective + over; verb + past; verb / adjective + up. Knowledge test new learning points HSK simulation questions Wednesday quantity Complement "get" and degree / Modal / may complement Complement Keqianyuxi reference number; "get" and degree / Modal Complement; "get" and may complement. New knowledge learning points HSK test simulation questions 


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