Oct 21, 2015

Practical Translation


21st Century International Business English Books: Practical Translation
"Practical translation" Introduction: 15 years of trials and hardships, the long journey of 15 years. China has become a member of WTO. Both opportunities and challenges to the rights and obligations with the deposit. According to an argumentation, the WTO China has five talent shortage, one of which is to understand the international practice, in line with the international economy needs foreign language talent. This is the foreign language plus compound talents economy and trade, rather than the general foreign language talents. In order to improve China's international competitiveness, on the big stage and create a new situation in the international economy, we must master the operation, improve language skills, familiar with international practice, which has become interested in engaging in international trade and economic activities in the common aspiration of people. "21st Century International Business English Series" edited by Mr. Weng Fengxiang right time, will train such personnel to provide effective materials.
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