Oct 26, 2015

Pass the HSK Test in 21 Days - Textbook (Level 6)


Pass the HSK Test in 21 Days - Textbook (level 6) is a textbook created to help prep students for the HSK test. This book consists of multiple choice, matching, open-ended questions, reading passages, etc., all designed to aid students in passing their Chinese Proficiency Test. The contents of this textbook can be used as: HSK (Advanced) candidates test preparation and self-learners' study books. Please note the textbook comes with 3 sets of simulated tests, 1 vocabulary book (in Simplified character, Pinyin, English, Korean and Japanese) and 1 CD. Get the rest of the Pass the HSK Test in 21 Days series: Grammar, Spoken Testand Writing (level 6).

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Can you please update the file download link ? Thank you so much

Hi, can you please fix the link ? it's still broken

Dear all, comment your email for download link

Hello, sorry for the bother, the link is still broken and I didn't get the link on my email.

Please check you email. Link sent from pcloud.com server

I got the link, thank you so much for your awesome work, so nice of you

Do you have any hearing materials for this book?



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