Oct 21, 2015

A Practical Coursebook on Translation


"Practical Translation Course (Translation) (3rd Edition)" Introduction: Professor Feng Qinghua book "Practical Translation Course" is a very practical translation of textbooks, from content to form unique. "Practical Translation Course (Translation) (3rd edition)," the novelty is mainly reflected in the following aspects: the conventional single translation textbooks generally come from one side of the discussion, and the teaching of language, style, rhetoric that three-dimensional discuss translation methods; conventional translation teaching general arrangements for the practice of translation in the appendix of the book, and "Practical Translation Course (Translation) (3rd edition)" to translate the translation theory and practice mentioned in part part equally important position to arrange; the textbook chapter in a change in the practice of traditional deployment, carefully arranged a variety of novel and highly effective translations compared translator style research, comparative literature and translation, back translation and translation, computer assisted translation and translation studies and translation appreciate style and method of practice; in the appendix arranged "Dream of Red Mansions" Poetry and Comparison of the English chapter back catalog, "Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping" in the catalog as well as after-school learning English self-study of recommended books and translation, this Translation for university students and self-learners have high reference value, "Practical Translation Course (Translation) (3rd edition)" both for universities and students, but also for the majority of autodidact.
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