Tourist guide Business Practical Course

Tourist guide Business Practical Course


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"Guide Business Practical Guide" from the combination of theory and practice to start, the system introduces the basics guides, service skills and significant operations and processes, and through a number of case studies, as far as possible so that readers have a tourist guide Compare real experience, guide the reader in learning business theory while obtaining a general understanding of the actual situation of tour guides. Response to the growing rise of outdoor adventure travel, "tour guide business Practical Guide" to set up a chapter outdoor leader, has a novelty and practicality. "Guide Business Practical Guide" is divided into eight chapters: the first and second chapter introduces the guide basic knowledge and skills related to knowledge; the sixth chapter to chapter focuses on different business guides and processes; Chapter VII introduces the guides resilience at work; Chapter VIII of the new outdoor leader introduced.
To facilitate the students' interest and improve higher vocational degree of love for guided tours, while responding to vocational education "theory enough, focusing on the practice of" teaching approach, the authors highlight the usefulness of teaching skills of the practical operability As a "tour guide business Practical Guide" features.
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