Sep 11, 2015

Tour Guide Service


This book is one of tourism management professional higher education planning textbook "Eleventh Five-Year", systematic exposition of qualified guides should have the qualities, knowledge and skills. The book is divided into three parts: the first chapter and the second chapter is the basic theory, we focus on guided tours, the basic concepts of tour guides; Chapter III to Chapter IX to guide practice, mainly as tour guides working procedures, tour skills, psychological service skills, language guides, analog explain, deal with common problems and accidents as well as individual tourists processing required; Chapter to guide business-related knowledge. 密码:zugv
As tourism management professional teaching materials, books in the preparation process, we focus on the professional requirements, but also combines teaching characteristics, and strive to achieve theory with practice, emphasizing the application and innovation. This book can be used as institutions of higher learning tourism management professional materials, but also as a tourism industry training materials, as well as a reference guide staff book.

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