Sep 24, 2015

The standard Vietnamese voice conversations course

"Standard Vietnamese voice conversations Guide" main elements: the voice is from a human vocal organs issue, with a certain sense, to be the voice of social communication. Voice is the material shell language, no speech, language loses its objective entity of which it is attached. Therefore, learn to master the voice is the foundation of any one foreign language. Vietnam Mandarin word used is a Latinized alphabetic writing, a "sound, word, meaning Trinity" features, the writing syllable as an independent unit, with most serving as syllable morpheme condition in which a considerable portion of syllables but it is also a monosyllabic words. Vietnamese syllable including consonants, vowels and tones of three parts, and the medial vowel, vowel and consonant composition, vowels and tones are an essential component of syllables. The more modern language phonetic system composed of 22 consonants, vowels eleven, three pairs of vowels, two and a half vowels, six tone composition. Vietnamese alphabetic order twenty-nine AZ and five tones symbols (six tones of "toned" no mark symbol) to mark the speech component.
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