Sep 9, 2015

Tell the Children about Chinese Characters Stories

"Give the children tell the story point kanji" characters cover the origin and changes, and inter-frame structure, homophonic captures interesting, character story, the exact words of the wonderful, crossword art, idioms, etc., in the form of the story characters tell the story of the historical facts and anecdotes interesting. A story is fun, so you can not help laughing at the same time, also learned Chinese characters past and present; a little-known anecdotes, take you to explore the history, while letting you product realized magnificent and magical characters.
Fun - about the beautiful Chinese characters behind little-known anecdotes;
Quotes of the exact words - Reading Fairview articles, product witty, enlightened writing essentials;
Explain Word - tap the cultural connotation of the profound Chinese Characters;

"Give the children tell the story point kanji" characters fully exploit the implication of cultural information, with a story put together the knowledge from one, with one Quhua explain a problem. Parents may wish to open the book, the children tell the story about the characters, so immersed in the characters he brings beautiful, profound world, to give the traditional culture in the subtle nourishment.
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